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Need an electrician for fast pool equipment repairs in Scottsdale AZ?

Meade Electric makes fast and affordable repairs to electrical wiring and underground conduits that power pools. Each of our swimming pool electricians has the detailed knowledge and expertise to make safe repairs to your pool's electrical circuits. Being licensed electrical contractors, your safety is our number one concern! Due to the obvious potential hazard of water and electricity being in close proximity, Meade Electric takes every precaution to insure that your repairs are done in full compliance with the local building codes for electrical companies. Our Scottsdale electricians also have a detailed check list that they follow on every repair made to your pool. Our electricians check for proper grounding of electrical motors, time clocks, fencing and conduits amongst other critical safety points to further guarantee your safety.
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Common electrical problems with pool circuits

Rusted underground conduitThe conduit has rusted away: By far the most frequent problem our residential electricians in Scottsdale see. When the conduit rusts away, water and all the elements are free to damage the enclosed wire's insulation and short circuits happen. Sometimes you can reset the circuit breaker but sooner or later you will need to call and electrician in Scottsdale to make repairs. If you think this may have happened to your underground electrical conduit you can check it by removing a few inches of soil where the conduit first goes into or out of the ground. If this has happened replacement is the only option, new conduit and wiring will need to be installed. Call for a free estimate on this service.

Circuit breaker failureCircuit breaker failure: It is not uncommon for circuit breakers to go bad. Often times the connection between the circuit breaker and the buss bar in the panel will become loose, heat up and eventually fail. It's best to have an electrical contractor fix this problem quickly because you don't want to damage the power panel's buss bar, just replace the old circuit breaker. Most pool motors require a 2 pole circuit breaker of either 15 amp or 20 amps for larger motors. Do not over size the circuit breaker; you could do severe damage to the wires supplying power to the pool motor.

Intermatic time clockTime clock needs replacing: If you suspect that your pool's time clock has stopped working you can try moving the on and off switch to see if the pool equipment gets energized. If it does come on but has not for a few days you may need a new time clock. Meade Electric uses only Intermatic time clocks for pools that are enclosed in an outdoor rated box. They are available in 120 volt single phase and also in 240 volt single phase. In cases where the existing box is still good but the actual clock has worn out we can replace just the internal parts or guts as they say. Make sure the on and off trippers are on the dial, it won't work without these. New trippers can be purchased at your local Home Depot.

MotorPool motor needs replacing:
At the heart of your pools water circulation system is the pump motor. This motor sucks the water from the pool's skimmer or floor drain and pushes it through the filter and back into the pool. If your pool motor is running loud, making a humming noise or just won't come on it may be time to replace it. It is advisable to keep your new motor's horsepower and flow rate the same as the existing motor unless it has been determined to be undersized. Bigger is not necessarily better and over sizing the motor can cause damage to the filter. Look at the nameplate on the motor's casing to find horse power and the manufacture's model or ask your electrician in Scottsdale for assistance.

GFCI outlet, light switch and disconnect switch for motorDisconnect switch goes bad: In the image to the left there are 3 boxes, a switch for the pool light, a GFCI outlet to protect the pool light and a disconnect switch for the pool motor. The pool motor disconnect switch cuts off all electricity to the motor. Its primary function is to ensure no live electricity is present while working on the pool motor although some use it to turn the pool motor on and off. If this switch has gone bad no power or partial power will be flowing to the pool motor. This is usually a 2 pole switch because most pool pump motors run on 220 volts of electricity. It's very important to replace this switch with another 2 pole switch; single pole switches will only kill the power to 1 of the 2 live wires.

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Meade Electric has both residential and commercial electricians for pool repairs. All of our local electricians are friendly professionals that you will enjoy working with.
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