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Should I replace or upgrade my service panel?
There are only 4 reasons to hire an electrician in Scottsdale to upgrade or replace your existing power panel.
Small service panel

1) Your existing panel does not provide enough power to satisfy the household demand. This is most common in older homes that were built before everyone had 2 televisions, computers and all the electrical appliances we have come to enjoy. Adding additional appliances, like central air conditioning, will increase the power needed for your home too. Adding an addition to your home or a pool or spa can also increase the demand enough to consider a main panel upgrade. No matter what the situation is each panel allows only a limited amount of power and anything over that limit will require an upgrade. Ask one of our Scottsdale electricians to calculate the power demand before making the decision to upgrade, it's free.

Old circuit breaker box

2) Your existing panel is rusted out or damaged. A safe enclosure is essential to protecting the circuit breakers inside the panel and the people near it. Each electrical panel is classified as either safe for outdoor use or indoor use only. If your outdoor panel is allowing water, high amounts of dust and debris or other unwanted elements inside then the circuit breakers are most likely getting damaged too. If this is your situation, it's a matter of time before you will be replacing it. If the damage is severe enough either APS or SRP will insist on replacement or they will disconnect your electricity for safety concerns.

Fuse box

3) Your existing panel has fuses in it. There is nothing wrong with fuses and in fact most commercial electricians say they provide better protection than circuit breakers. Many pieces of sensitive hospital equipment require fuses because they are not mechanically operated and cannot be jammed up or get stuck. The problem with fuses is they are a onetime device. Each time you "blow a fuse" you will need to replace it where circuit breakers are simply reset. Sometimes the sale of a home will require a new panel if the existing panel is a fuse box.

Zinsco circuit breaker

4) You need to replace the existing circuit breakers. In some cases it is cheaper to install a new service panel than to replace the old breakers. Models like Zinsco, FPE (also known as Stab-Lok) and Bulldog Pushmatic breakers are quite expensive and some are hard to find. Ask one of our residential electricians to advise you on pricing options.

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 Meade Electric provides electrical repairs to service panels too. In most cases your electrical panel will need either the main circuit breaker or a branch circuit breaker replaced long before you will need a main panel replacement. Reputable electrical companies will always take the time to look at making electric repairs, retrofitting or add new components before proceeding with a full electrical service upgrade recommendation. In cases where more space is needed for additional circuits you can add a sub-panel or utilize piggyback circuit breakers. At Meade Electric we always present our customers with all money saving option and the superior knowledge that has earned us our outstanding reputation.

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Affordable Residential Electrician in Scottsdale AZ

100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
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