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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceiling Fans

Does Meade Electric install ceiling fans?

Yes we do, we have electricians that provide ceiling fan installations at pre-wired locations and also in rooms where the box, brace and wiring still needs to be installed.

Does Meade Electric offer wall switches for ceiling fans?

Yes we do, but it costs less to purchase fans with remotes. A ceiling fan remote can be placed on a table, on a night stand or mounted to a wall. Aside from convenience ceiling fan remotes give you greater control over the speed and direction of the fan as well as dimming of any lights.

Does Meade Electric recommend a particular make or style of fan?

It’s completely up to you, like most electrical contractors, we install every size, style and make. With countless choices you will most likely choose a style that compliments your decor. Keep in mind the size of the room you are installing the fan in to make sure it’s large enough to properly circulate the air. Visit our ceiling fans installation page for more details on sizing a fan to a room. When comparing cost to performance we recommend the Hampton Bay Huntington III available at your local Home Depot.

At what height above the floor should I install my ceiling fans?

Most manufactures recommend between 8 feet to 10 feet above the floor for proper ceiling fan installation. Taller ceilings and ceilings with angles always require a drop down rod. Flat ceilings of 8 feet or less will require hugger types to keep them up as high as possible.

Is balancing a part of the installation?

Yes, some require more balancing than others. We also provide a detailed clean up that includes wiping off any fingerprints from the installation.

Do you charge extra for ceiling fans with light kits?

No, it’s our way of saying thanks for hiring us. Wall switches however are not part of the basic installation because they require additional labor and materials.

Should I purchase outdoor rated ceiling fans for my patio?

We strongly recommend it for all outdoor applications. Outdoor rated ceiling fans have weather resistant blades, rubber seals and stainless steel screws all designed to hold up under outdoor conditions.

Does the direction my fan spins matter?

Yes, counter clockwise in the winter to push the warmer air down. Summertime would be opposite or clockwise lifting the cooler air up.

What is the highest ceiling Meade Electric installs fans on?

12 feet is part of our normal installation fee, anything higher requires an exceptionally large ladder that we do not keep on our electrical service vans.

Cities Served

I live in Chandler; does Meade Electric have an electrician in Chandler AZ?

Yes, our Chandler electricians are available during normal business hours and on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Does Meade Electric have Gilbert Electricians for residential and commercial work?

Yes, we have an electrician in Gilbert AZ for commercial and residential electrical repairs and installations.

How about Mesa; can I schedule an electrician in Mesa AZ?

We have a satellite office in Mesa AZ. Our Mesa electricians respond quickly upon your phone call.

I need an electrician in Phoenix; does Meade Electric service Phoenix?

Yes, our Phoenix electricians are on the job daily.

What about Scottsdale; can I set an appointment with an electrician in Scottsdale?

Of course, we have been voted best electricians Scottsdale AZ and look forward to helping you...

I need assistance in Tempe; do you have an electrician in Tempe?

Meade Electric has Tempe electricians available daily.


Commercial Electrical Services

Does Meade Electric make commercial electrical repairs and installations?

All the time; our commercial electricians are experts at everything from minor electrical installations and repairs to remodels and tenant build outs.

Does Meade Electric have a commercial electrical license?

Yes, in fact we have a dual license that permits us to do both residential and commercial electrical work.

A commercial electrician, what’s that?

A commercial electrician has the knowledge, experience and skills needed to professionally handle any electrical work in a medical building, restaurant or office. Detailed knowledge in conduit bending and higher voltage electrical systems is used daily.

Dedicated Circuits and Additional Power Circuits

How do I know if I need a dedicated circuit installed?

Adding a new kitchen appliance or piece of equipment in the garage may create the need for a dedicated circuit. The calculation is reasonably simple to determine if you need one. Let’s say you just bought a new microwave to replace your hood fan. The new microwave draws 1450 watts and is sharing the same circuit as your 4 slice toaster which draws 1600 watts. The circuit is 20 amps which gives you a total of 2400 watts (20 amps x 120 volt = 2400 watts). If you use both at the same time the load is 1450 watts + 1600 watts or a total of 3050 watts. The circuit breaker trips because there is not enough power on this circuit for both, you need a dedicated circuit for the microwave or additional power in the kitchen, whichever is the most cost effective will work.

What’s the cost of a dedicated circuit?

It depends on how large of a circuit, the location of your power panel and the place you need the dedicated circuit installed. A 50 amp, 220 volt hot tub circuit would most likely be more costly than a 20 amp, 120 volt dedicated line for a new dishwasher providing the distance was the same. Each situation is unique that’s why we provide free estimates; give us a call for pricing.

What other reasons are there for getting a dedicated circuit?

Adding refrigerators or freezers, dishwasher and garbage disposals, microwave ovens and large displays of holiday lights are a few other reasons to consider dedicated circuits and additional power

How about electronics and computers?

Not usually unless you have an older home and the circuit does not have a grounding wire.

What’s the formula to figure out how much power I need?

Watts divided by volts = amps. Add up the wattage of every device sharing the same circuit and divide by the voltage, this tells you the required amperage needed to run everything at the same time.

Electrical Services and Troubleshooting

At what times can I schedule electrical services?

Electrical services in Scottsdale are scheduled Monday thru Friday from 7AM until 7PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7AM until 5PM. Emergency electrical service are available 24/7.

How are service calls charged?

You can expect a flat rate of $65.00 per hour with a minimal travel charge.

Are free estimates available?

We provide free estimates on electrical installations and construction projects.

Will you have the parts I need for my repairs?

Yes, 99% of the time we do have the necessary parts with us at the time of your service call

When I hire Meade Electric what is my warranty?

Every job done by Meade Electric includes our 5 year parts and labor guarantee.

Will I have to clean up after the job is done?

No, we clean up as part of our service.


Will my electrician be qualified?

Absolutely, our Scottsdale electricians are highly qualified professional that take a tremendous amount of pride in their work. We have been voted the best electrician Scottsdale AZ and would love to earn your vote too.

Does Meade Electric background check its electricians?

Yes, your Scottsdale electrician will also be a friendly and well groomed professional.

Does Meade Electric drug screen its electricians?

Yes, we are a family company that fully understands how important your safety is.


Home Inspections / Electrical Repairs

I just sold my house and the realtor has requested that a few electrical repairs be made; does Meade Electric do this work?

Every day, these are usually simple fixes that we handle on the spot. Typical requests include adding a GFCI outlet, correcting a double tapped circuit breaker, fixing a reversed polarity issue and correctly sizing an over-sized circuit breaker. Call for a free estimate and congratulations on the sale of your home.

Lighting Installation

Can I get recessed lights installed?

Recessed lighting is one of our specialties; from 4 inch to 8 inch we install every kind of recessed lighting with 6 inch is by far the most popular. Every lighting installation comes with our 5 year parts and labor guarantee.

I would like a couple of motion lights installed, does Meade Electric do this?

Yes we do; our electricians install your motion lights to give you convenience and security by placing them in the most effective places.

Does Meade Electric install florescent lighting?

We install florescent lighting and also replace ballasts in existing fixtures.

Main Electrical Panels

I need a main panel upgrade; does Meade Electric do this kind of work?

We are experts at service panel upgrades; but before we jump into an upgrade we look at the option of installing new part in the existing panel to save you money.

Can I choose the type of panel I want installed?

We only install all-in-one type panels or meter breaker panels as they are also called. You can choose the manufacturer however; Square D, Cutler Hammer, GE, we install them all.

What if I just need a sub-panel?

Meade installs sub-panels too, in most cases it’s a better option for gaining additional space for circuit breakers compared to a main circuit box upgrade.

Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

I just bought a new hot tub, can Meade Electric wire it.

Meade Electric installs hot tub circuits up to 220 volts at 50 amps. Call for a free estimate.

What about pool equipment repairs?

We work on the electrical power supplying the pool equipment like the underground pool circuits. We do not repair plumbing or internal components.

My pool motor won’t turn on, can you tell me why?

It could be a numbers of reasons, see our Scottsdale pool electricians page for all the details.

The conduit supplying power to my pool equipment has rusted out, how much will it cost to replace?

The cost of replacing your underground pool power circuits will depend on many factors. Considerations like distance, size, above ground or underground all get factored into the cost. We are happy to take a look at you situation and give you an exact price.

How soon can I get the power for my pool repaired?

Quickly, and in the event we cannot make the actual repair fast enough we can temporally run power to keep the pool from turning green.

Residential Electrical Work

I need some residential electrical services; does Meade Electric work on home?

Yes, we have residential electricians for all sorts or electrical repairs and installations in your home.

Does Meade Electric have a residential electrical contractor’s license?

We have a dual license that allows us to work on commercial and residential electrical jobs.

Tell me, what is a residential electrician?

Residential electricians have the knowledge and expertise to address any electrical need within a home.

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